ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (2024)


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      Learning Management

      HealthStream offers performance learning management solutions to help develop your healthcare staff into leaders and reduce turnover.

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      Video Learning

      HealthStream works with healthcare organizations to create engaging and high-quality training videos for your staff and management.

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      Improve care quality and save money by making informed decisions about your healthcare facility and staff with HealthStream's reporting analytics solution.

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      HealthStream's proven methods for the improvement and overall engagement of your healthcare staff foster a positive workplace and increase retention rates.

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      Compliance Solutions

      Be confident in your staff’s ability to reduce risk by providing compliance training that changes behavior.

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      Develop next-level people for next-level care by prioritizing quality and safety improvements.

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      Standardize policy and procedure management with an automated, customized, and centralized system.

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      Establish a culture of belonging with education supporting DEI, wellness, engagement, and leadership development.

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      Deliver custom or industry designed product training directly to patient and resident care environments to reinforce proper use.

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    Streamline the revenue cycle management process and protect your bottom line with expert-backed education.

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    Nurture the skills of your nurses and medical staff to help mold them into effective leaders with development training from HealthStream.

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      Make sure your clinicians have the support they need to provide competent care with clinical competency training and development from HealthStream.

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      HealthStream’s learning management system and comprehensive suite of competency management tools empower your healthcare workforce to deliver the best patient care.

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      The suite of healthcare onboarding solutions available from HealthStream aids in nurse retention and improved patient outcomes.

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      Give your healthcare staff the decision support and skills training they need with the online products available from HealthStream.

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      HealthStream leverages medical professional development in healthcare by providing staff training programs

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      Create engaging and impactful learning experiences that meet the unique needs of your acute care staff.

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      Learn about our advanced resuscitation training solutions. Our solutions are designed to help improve patient outcomes.

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    Nurse & Staff Scheduling

    Healthcare workforce management is essential. We provide advanced scheduling solutions for organizations to solve issues such as nurse retention

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    • ANSOS Staff Scheduling
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      Network Credentialing

      Tackle all the challenges of provider directory management within a health plan with a single solution tailored to your specific needs.

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      HealthStream CVO

      Our affordable CVO credentialing services establish patient safety by enabling primary source verification for your healthcare organization.

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      Finally, a comprehensive resource to support collecting, storing, and sharing credentialing data with ease.

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      Integrate with Epic to validate and add new providers directly to your provider master file.

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ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (3)

Quality Manager formerly known as abaqis®

Mitigate risk and elevate your quality of care. Improving both clinical and business outcomes starts with a smarter, more integrated approach to regulatory training, continuing education and quality management.

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Meet the DEA's new requirement under the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act in an online, high-quality and self-paced 8-hour DEA MATE Act course specifically designed for practitioners, including Physicians, PAs, NPs, Pharmacists, Dentists and others.

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ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (4)

ANSOS™ is an enterprise-level healthcare staff scheduling solution designed to align staffing and demand with accurate forecasting and patient acuity data. Built by industry professionals, ANSOS is made to meet the needs specific to the healthcare industry by elevating the patient journey, improving staff scheduling, and supporting the work-life balance of those delivering care.

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ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (5)

ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (6)

Actionable forecasting

ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (7)

Deeper visibility

ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (8)


Place the right staff, with the right patients, at the right time

Delivering efficient care relies upon the agile and effective management of an empowered workforce. ANSOS is the foundation of a robust suite of productivity and position management technologies that help ensure regulatory compliance, minimize overtime and agency costs, and support job satisfaction initiatives.

NurseGrid integration

ANSOS now seamlessly integrates with the top-rated nurse scheduling app, NurseGrid. By partnering with NurseGrid, ANSOS has taken another step to help you better care for and support your team by making it simple and easy to push schedules directly into NurseGrid. And with 1 in 8 nurses already utilizing this app, this integration is a new tool for you to help prioritize your nursing team’s work-life balance and overall wellness.

ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (9)

ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (10)

The ANSOS bundle

It’s hard to find that one-size-fits-all tool for healthcare, which means you and your team likely use multiple systems to keep things moving. And unfortunately, this also means more money out of your budget without guaranteeing efficiency or seamless functionality.
It’s time to streamline, simplify, and increase savings by leveraging the tools you already have. As a current user of ANSOS, you have access to the systems you need to better manage your workforce. And there’s an opportunity to make this experience even better.


Systems are constantly changing, whether it’s an upgrade, bug fix, or new release. With the SaaS solution, you will always use the latest version of your software. In addition, moving to the SaaS solution—Microsoft Azure removes the cost and burden of IT support from your internal staff without needing DBA services or additional hardware.

Using an encrypted web VPN, we keep your data safe while managing all incoming and outgoing transmissions.

Web reporting

Data is only as valuable as your ability to understand it in real-time. Payroll reports and other productivity reports are simply “report cards,” telling you how well your team performed in the past. The Web Reporting module provides easy-to-use graphical dashboards, showcasing critical performance indicators in one glance.

This module also provides near real-time data to respond to urgent needs, track critical components, and analyze department workload. Helping you make data-driven decisions improves staff satisfaction and overall team productivity performance.

Getting the work your team needs done can be challenging, but with our comprehensive add-ons, navigating your technology doesn’t have to be.

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Web scheduler

This module provides an opportunity to communicate, manage and provide self-scheduling on the go through a web browser or on the ANSOS app. This rules-based module allows you to leverage your coverage needs and align your staffing while providing equitable assignments to your team. Web Scheduler empowers your team to do self-

Web Scheduler empowers your team to do self-scheduling, creating greater transparency across the enterprise to fill shifts, reduce overtime, and control labor costs. Your team can change their schedules as needed, and leaders can quickly post their needs and secure team members for critical shifts – anytime, anywhere.

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It’s time to take the stress out of healthcare scheduling

ANSOS Healthcare Staff Scheduling (2024)
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