14 Delicious Recipes That Are Whole30-Approved (2024)

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Kristin Appenbrink

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14 Delicious Recipes That Are Whole30-Approved (1)

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about Whole30 lately — especially from people who are going gluten-free or adopting a Paleo diet. While there are some overlaps between these three dietary strategies, Whole30 is geared to be a 30-day diet, while Paleo is a larger lifestyle change.

Whole30 involves giving up grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, and alcohol completely for 30 days. (You can see the guidelines and exceptions here.) If you’re ready to get started, try these recipes that fit the bill.

We love the combination of lemon and chicken, and the good news is that both things are Whole30-approved (and even encouraged!). When the thyme is added, this dish goes from weeknight meal to dinner party darling.

It can be hard to find a hearty soup recipe without legumes in it, but this kale and potato version is just the ticket. Of course, make sure you leave off the Parmesan at the end, as dairy isn’t allowed.

If you’re entertaining while doing Whole30, try serving these marinated mushrooms alongside your charcuterie. Just be sure to check the vinegar you have in your cabinet and make sure it doesn’t have any added sugar.

For any pescatarian trying to do the Whole30, this recipe is a must try. The pan-cooked tuna steaks (or swordfish, if you prefer) are hearty enough to hold up under this rich, olive- and caper-studded tomato sauce.

We’re definitely on a pressure-cooker kick, and this recipe is one of our favorites. The bone-in pork shoulder roast gets cooked with bacon, garlic, Hawaiian sea salt, and cabbage — that’s it! It’s a simple recipe, but one we can’t resist, given all the ways we can enjoy it days after we first make it.

Green salads seem pretty much like a no-brainer for Whole30. This one, with its simple vinegar and Dijon dressing, pairs perfectly with almost any protein.

Fruit juice is one of the few sweet things that are allowed during Whole30, so put those citrus fruits to work in recipes like this roasted beet soup. We love the flavorful mix of beet, fennel, and orange; it’s the perfect combination of earthy, licorice, and sweet. Just serve with a side salad instead of a dinner roll.

Pesto doesn’t have to be off-limits when you’re eating Paleo — just leave out the cheese and make it with good-for-you almonds instead. Then slather it on green beans (one of the few legumes allowed) and serve with a poached egg on top.

These veggie-packed spring rolls make the perfect afternoon snack. They are filled with peppers, cabbage, and pea shoots, but you can make your own version with your favorite veggies. The best part is that satisfying crunch.

You can’t go wrong with sausage and peppers in a rich tomato sauce — just skip the polenta or rice. And if you have the time, use homemade tomato sauce since you’ll be able to better control the ingredients. If you end up using jarred sauce, check the label for added sugar.

When it comes to Sunday meal prep, you can’t go wrong with making this flank steak recipe. Not only is it super simple (it only takes a few minutes on each side under the broiler), but it is also perfect to keep in the fridge and eat the rest of the week. Packing lunch or pulling together a weeknight meal has never been easier.

If you want a dish that doesn’t feel like you’re actually dieting, try this baked halibut dinner. The spicy chimichurri sauce adds a freshness, and the halibut is mild enough that even those who don’t normally like fish will be on board.

Salade niçoise is one of our favorite main-dish salads. The combination of tuna with greens, green beans, and hard-boiled egg makes for a satisfying meal.

We love a one-pan dinner, and that’s just what this savory, citrusy chicken dish is. Plus, it’s a great way to prepare those chard and kale stems instead of sending them straight to the compost bin.

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14 Delicious Recipes That Are Whole30-Approved (2024)


Are bananas Whole30 approved? ›

Yes, both pickles and bananas are allowed on Whole30. Yet if they are a potential trigger food for you (for instance, the sweetness of bananas sets off a craving for other treats or makes you want to binge on the fruit), then you may consider including them on your “don't eat” list.

What to do after day 30 of Whole30? ›

Reintroduction basics
  1. Take it slow. Reintroduction takes at least 10 days, but can take up to 30 (or more). ...
  2. One at a time. Reintroduce each food or beverage group one at a time, like a scientific experiment. ...
  3. Reintroduction days. ...
  4. Challenge your system. ...
  5. Choose low-sugar options. ...
  6. Take breaks between groups.

Are air fryers good for Whole30? ›

Contrary to belief, you can make Whole30 air fryer recipes. I've heard rumblings that using an air fryer isn't allowed on a Whole30, but good news for us. It totally is! You don't need any extra oil, and there's nothing about it that is against Whole30 rules, or really even unhealthy at all.

What pasta can you eat on Whole30? ›

No pasta recreations are allowed on the Whole30, per the Pancake Rule. However, single-ingredient veggie “noodles” such as spaghetti squash noodles or spiralized zucchini noodles are compatible and easy!

Is peanut butter OK on Whole30? ›

The Whole30 plan clearly says “do not eat legumes,” but the truth is that most of us don't know what legumes are. Whole30 clarifies that the plan does not allow “beans of all kinds (black, red, pinto, navy, white, kidney, lima, fava, etc.), peas, chickpeas, lentils, and peanuts. No peanut butter, either.

What is the hardest day of Whole30? ›

Mentally and emotionally, we call Days 10 and 11 “the hardest days.” This is when you are statistically the most likely to quit your Whole30.

Why do I feel so bad on Whole30? ›

Some downsides include Whole30 side effects like digestive problems, worsened food cravings, and reduced nutrient intake. The diet restricts certain foods and food groups, which, if followed long-term, can result in nutrient deficiencies.

How many pounds can you lose on Whole30? ›

Whole30 is a great way to reset your eating habits and jump start your weight loss journey. While results will vary from person to person, many people report losing 10-15 pounds in the first month.

Do you actually lose weight on Whole30? ›

Whole30 has gained a reputation as an effective program for weight loss and overall health improvement. Many individuals have reported successful weight loss outcomes while following the Whole30 guidelines.

What 5 foods should you not put in an air fryer? ›

Take a gander of this list of top foods that should never make their way into your air fryer.
  • Wet Batters. ...
  • Cheesy Items. ...
  • Large, Bone-In Meat Cuts. ...
  • Baked Goods. ...
  • Greens. ...
  • Raw Rice and Other Grains. ...
  • Too Much of Anything.
Apr 14, 2023

Can I eat sweet potato fries on Whole30? ›

Crispy baked paleo and Whole30 compliant sweet potato fries are not only possible, but easy to make, too! Served here with an insanely tasty, Whole30 compliant BBQ ranch dip that you'll want to put on everything. Kid approved, great for a fun snack, side dish, or appetizer any time!

What is the 10 20 rule for air fryers? ›

Converting from oven to airfryer

The general rule is to reduce the temperature by 10ºC, and cook for 20 percent less time. bakes in a 200ºC oven for 15-20 minutes. To make the tofu in your aifryer, set the temperature to 190ºC and bake for 12-15 minutes.

Is hummus OK on Whole30? ›

Traditional hummus is made from garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas), which are a legume and Plant-Based Whole30 compatible. Just read your labels to make sure your hummus doesn't contain dairy or other ingredients that aren't a fit for the Plant-Based Whole30.

Can you eat anything at mcdonalds on Whole30? ›

Whole30 at McDonald's

Your best bet would be to order a plain burger of any kind, minus the bun, obviously, with no seasoning sauces or cheese. This means no ketchup. Lettuce, tomato and onion are permissible,” says Stark.

Is popcorn approved on Whole30? ›

Anything with gluten is off-limits, along with rice, oats, corn and pseudo-grains like quinoa or buckwheat. That means no pasta and popcorn for 30 days.

Are any fruits not allowed on Whole30? ›

All fruit, including dates, can be part of your Whole30 elimination.

Are potatoes OK on Whole30? ›

Are Potatoes Whole30? Yes! As of January 2021, all varieties of potatoes are included in the Whole30 diet. Yet, the catch is that fries and chips are not included in the diet as they are not considered to be “real” or whole foods.

Is pineapple allowed on Whole30? ›

Kiwi is just one of the Whole30-approved ingredients in the Chili Mango-Kiwi Salad. 64. Pineapple. A single serving of pineapple boasts 131% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

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